Over 250 years of complex structural building experience with MLC York…

Qualifying in essential trades during the 20th century makes us feel old when in fact, our hands-on apprenticeships and professional qualifications served a fantastic opportunity to be at the forefront of change. Adapting to modern techniques without forgetting traditional artisan methods adds a surplus of skills into the MLC melting pot.

As you may have noticed, we are a little different from the norm. The MLC perspective has a creative heart, and we use these skilled elements of craftsmanship not only in designing buildings for all aspects of engineering or restoring historical endeavours and establishing new homes, but in everything digital too.

The team’s deep intuition regularly works to benefit clients… supply chains feel reassured when working with us and architects enjoy operating in partnership with us. Hindsight adds value as customers become friends, returning time and time again when success sets in. Trust MLC – our exemplary safety record is proof that you’re in good hands.


  • 1968

    The team at MLC was originally assembled back in 1968 by it's Founder J K Hargreaves

  • 1972

    To begin with, our business focused predominantly on civil engineering and groundworks, originally based at Thorp Arch Industrial Estate

  • 1977

    In 1977, the company moved to it's base in York and began to expand it's remit to encompass industrial building

  • 1990

    Our business continued to expand steadily. In 1990, the role of Managing Director was taken up by our current leader Steve Hargreaves who set out to undertake projects larger in size. We began undertaking more complicated projects in the commercial, industrial and retail sectors such as this design & build project at Harlow Carr

  • 2000

    Having the benefit of an in-house engineer and design team, we were able to provide completely bespoke design packages across a much broader sector of the market, allowing the business to grow organically throughout the early 2000s

  • 2007

    By the mid-2000s, the team at MLC were working with large healthcare operators, retail park owners, national infrastructure companies and various property developers throughout the UK. Undertaking schemes across the country in locations as far afield as Norwich, Dover, Newcastle, Aylesbury, Birmingham, Berwick, London and of course right here in Yorkshire. A stand out project was the refurbishment of the NCP car park in Rougier Street, York

  • 2017

    In 2017, the team at MLC relocated to the heart of York and we are now situated in one of the most historic buildings in the City at Ingram House on Bootham. From here we continue to deliver class-leading construction projects, predominantly on a design & build basis and work with an array of clients, many of whom we have worked with over the last forty years

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